Supports a child's health by fostering the proper balance of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, Helps support kids' natural immune systems, Helps reduce occasional digestive upset in kids - including diarrhea or general discomfort


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Contains 100% naturally sourced Lactobacillus GG - the #1 most clinically studied probiotic in kids, Helps restore the natural balance of good bacteria in your child's digestive tract | Helps to keep kids healthy, Helps support kids' immune systems | Helps reduce occasional digestive upset in kids - including diarrhea or general discomfort, #1 Pediatrician Recommended Probiot...


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The #1 Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic‡ (Symphony Health Solutions 2014 survey), Naturally helps fortify your digestive system with health bacteria 24/7* with continued daily use, Naturally Helps promote and support a health digestive system*, Naturally helps maintain digestive balance*, Contains the natural probiotic strain B. infantis 35624, a unique probiot...


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Helps your digestive system work better- Culturelle isn't just another probiotic. It's the only probiotic supplement with 100% Lactobacillus GG, Helps reduce digestive upset - Digestive issues occur when there is an imbalance of good and non-beneficial bacteria. By adding good bacteria from a probiotic like Culturelle your digestive system can get back on track, Purity and Potency ...


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One Serving has more dietary fiber than 3 prunes, Gentle enough for kid's 1 + older, Helps promote kids digestve health, Recommended by Pediatric Gastroenterologists, Gluten, dairy and sugar free, Helps promote kids digestive health


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Restores the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract where 70% of the immune system is found, Supports the body's natural defenses, Helps support the immune system and general well-being, Helps to keep you healthy, Clinical strength. Safe for everyday, long-term use


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GET 15 TIMES MORE RESULTS THAN WITH CAPSULES. With superior patented technology, the living organisms in our advanced formula are released over an 8-10 hour period so they bypass your stomach acids and reach deep into your intestinal tract alive - where they are needed most. Our formula will even reach your large intestine. See below to understand the Science behind the Superiority., EXPE...


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Effective within hours, ULTIMATE PREBIOTIC: Supports your floral balance. Feeds only the good bacteria. And targets the bad. Avoids disadvantages that standard prebiotics have, like FOS etc, Effective on its own. Boosts probiotics for women and .men!, Made in USA in a GMP certified facility to assure quality. Third party tested product of time-tested ingredients!, 30 Cap...


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PATENTED NEW DELAYED RELEASE CAPSULES ALLOW THE LIVE CULTURE PROBIOTICS TO LIVE PAST THE HARSH STOMACH ACID - With competitor's capsules, tablets, and pearls, many of the bacteria are killed by the stomach acid. It is critical that the bacteria remains alive through to the intestines in order to receive all of the benefits from them. If they die, they don't do any good., THE BEST 30 BILLI...


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Helps promotes good digestive health, Helps maintain your immune system, Helps support colon health


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