Essential Fatty Acids


OPTIMUM SERIES: TRIPLE STRENGTH, FROM WILD FISH. 2,000 mg Fish Oil with 1,400 mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids (600 mg DHA, 800 mg EPA) per serving (2 caps). Get 3-4 times more of the important Omega-3s compared to many other brands. Omega 3 is considered one of the most important supplements. With this product, you will meet the recommendation of 600 mg DHA per day - with a single serving! Fish oil may ...


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Purified to remove mercury, Nature Made Fish Oil supply only comes from deep ocean waters, not farm raised fish, No artificial colors; No artificial flavors; No artificial preservatives


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Great tasting Hemp Hearts have a slightly nutty taste, similar to a sunflower seed or pine nut, Simply sprinkle on salad, cereal, granola, oatmeal & yogurt, add to smoothies and recipes or eat straight from the package, Contains more protein and omegas and less carbs than the same serving of Chia or Flax


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HIGH CONCENTRATION OF OMEGA-3s PER SERVING - In two small, easy-to-swallow capsules, you get 1,250 mg of krill oil per serving, with 165 mg of EPA and 95 mg of DHA. And the omega-3s are delivered in phospholipid form, shown to be better absorbed than fish oil's triglyceride form., SUPPORTS HEART, BRAIN AND JOINT HEALTH* - Taking Krill Oil helps keep your heart healthy, and maintains healt...


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★ HIGH DOSE AT 2250MG - Higher EPA and DHA levels than other brands with a total of 2,250mg Omega 3 Fatty Acid content, ★ ULTRA PURE AND REFINED - Purified with molecular distillation at minimal temperatures to remove all heavy metals, mercury, PCB's and other toxins, ★ 100% OCEAN WILD CATCH - Special extraction method for the highest volume of EPA and DHA, ★ BURPLESS,...


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COCONUT MCT IS EASIER TO ABSORB AND DIGEST: We triple filter our MCT to make sure it is the purest, highest quality possible., PREMIUM MCT OIL BENEFITS: Our MCT converts into energy faster than other oils, helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and ignites your body's metabolic rate. Build toward your athletic and weight management goals with this perfect coconut MCT. Add to salads...


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Rebranded from Viva Labs to Viva Naturals - Packaging may vary, no changes to the ingredients., ADVANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM - Our omega-3's are stabilized in their most absorbable form as triglycerides. Unlike ethyl ester fish oil, the triglyceride form of omega-3's is clinically shown to be the most absorbable form of EPA and DHA, promoting optimal cognitive health, cardiovascular support a...


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THE BENEFITS OF OMEGA-3: Omega-3s are fatty acids found in fish oil. These essential fats include EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and have been shown to support overall wellness, including heart, brain, joint, eye, and mood health., AN ULTIMATE FORMULA: Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega contains more than 1200mg of omega-3s. A serving of Ultimate Omega meets the da...


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100% pure oil, Helps in weight management -, Thermogenic; spares lean body tissue, Vegetarian product; a dietary supplement


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PREMIUM: Features the Award Winning, Patented Ingredient Suntheanine®, a Natural form of L-Theanine*, CLINICALLY PROVEN: Suntheanine® has been clinically proven to promote an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness, as indicated by an increase in Alpha brain waves*, COCONUT OIL: Formulated with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and encapsulated in a liquid softgel for better L-Thean...


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