About Us

Diamond Organics (now Nexon), started in 1990 with an organic farm in nearby Freedom, California, packaging and shipping produce we grew and purchased from our neighbors. We've twice outgrown our distribution center. In 1997, we moved into a rented building in Watsonville. Our new 33,000 sq. ft. building was built for us last year in Moss Landing. We now have the capacity to pack and ship over 2,500 orders per day. Capital we raised from our customers in earlier, limited offerings of shares was used to increase our marketing, expand capacity and improve productivity. Since 1996, we have quadrupled the number of all-organic products we carry, our catalog has increased from 24 to 84 pages, and we've developed and expanded our website to include a webstore that now accounts for over 40% of sales. Our sales have increased at an average rate of about 20% a year.

The Original Business

Diamond Organics, Inc. provided certified organically grown food and other organic products by direct home delivery. We served individuals nationwide through catalog, telephone, and web-based ordering. Since 1990, we have been providing a consistent year-around selection of the highest-quality organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables to individuals for everyday home use. We received, packed, and shipped orders from our Moss Landing, California facilities in the heart of the largest collection of established organic farms in the nation. Orders were shipped by FedEx for next day air delivery across the country. Orders from customers in our Northern California region were shipped overnight by less expensive ground delivery. We were committed to being a profitable business, serving our customers, organic farmers, employees and shareowners through innovative marketing and distribution.

A Rocky Road

However, in June of 2011, due to the owner's personal health concerns coupled with the organic food and delivery industry's ever changing market, Diamond Organics halted all orders and decided to temporarily close its doors, making sure all outstanding orders, transactions and concerns were fulfilled.

The Phoenix

In 2016, DiamondOrganics.com was purchased by Divinity Corp (parent company of Nexon) for an undisclosed amount. It has been revolutionized into an online shopping portal with over a billion products in stock. As opposed to its humble beginning of selling only organic grocery, we have expanded our retail selection to automotive, health, beauty, pets, outdoors and offerings. Diamond Organics will continue it's tradition of stellar service, competitive prices and unmatched customer satisfaction. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we will continue to soar in the everlasting skies of integrity, purpose and dedication.